Wednesday, March 01, 2006


So, K & CJM asked The Man and I to be baby Gracie's Godparents. The ceremony was this past Sunday. I didn't think we would be able to actually do it considering I'm not Lutheran and The Man is nothing, but alas no one seemed to care... What is Lutheran anyway? It seemed like Catholic-light... K & CJM aren’t religious either, but their families got to them. They convinced them that if the baby wasn’t baptized and she died she would go to hell. Do people really believe that? Wouldn’t that make God really petty and shallow? Is there any Biblical sourcing for that?

...and this was the first time either of my children have been to a church service. Sad but true. They were asking things like "Will it be dark and spooky in there?" "Will I have to do weird stuff?" They were both uncharacteristically angelic -no squirming or talking. During the baptism the Pastor dipped her finger into the water (we were standing in the center of the aisle at the cauldron thing) and crossed both of them on the forehead. I am happy to report that even though neither of mine have been Baptized (we want it to be their decision) the water didn't sear through them and neither spontaneously combust... That's always encouraging.

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