Friday, March 03, 2006

Fight Media Bias Campaign...

There is a national project underway (and it's free) to make sure our troops know that we support them despite the message they are getting from the main stream media.

"The mainstream liberal media want you to believe that U.S. troops in Iraq are guilty of widespread torture ... oppressing civilians ... murdering U.S. journalists ... opposing the war effort ... And losing the war.

Well, after a military career that stretched from World War II through Korea, Vietnam, and the fall of the Soviet empire, I can tell you this --Our troops in Iraq are winning the war.

And they’re upholding the highest standards of decency and civilization in their selfless mission to liberate the Iraqi people from tyranny and confront the America-hating terrorist fanatics on their own ground.

These courageous men and women need to know that somebody back home is working to restore fairness and balance to the media’s coverage of the sacrifices they’re making for us." -General Jack Singlaub (Ret.)

To join the campaign, just GO HERE and order a dog tag in your name that will be sent to one of the troops overseas. The goal of this project is 150,000 dog tags --so far 24,000 have been shipped. When you order a tag one will also be shipped to you as a daily reminder of sacrifice.

It is FREE to send your support now --of course, if you want to donate to the effort...please do!

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