Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Dems Plan to use the Troops as Props...

Matt Drudge has obtained a copy of the Congressional Democrats strategy plans for the 2006 elections -Harry Reid's tips on "How to use the war in Iraq against the Bush administration in their home states".

"The recess packet offers tips such as using American flags, holding political events at veteran halls. Dems should conduct panels to discuss the "mental health crisis" Iraq vets face, visit military bases, tour a factory and visit the home of a family who purchased body armor with their own money." (source)

Isn't it sad the left has to be told to use American flags...like it wouldn't occur to them to actually have pride in what the flag stands for? That they need to be told to visit bases or military families?

(For the record, I could only find a picture of Hillary with a soldier -none of Reid, Dean, Byrd, Kennedy, Rangel, etc...)

****Also, to see how the anti-war left really feels go check out some of these protest signs from over the weekend. Zombie has consistently provided some of the best protest pictures on the web. Make sure you read all of the signs in the pictures --and someone from the left please tell me you're not mortified to be associated with that...****

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