Friday, March 31, 2006

D-NC & Nate... You're Slacking!

Dudes? I get linked on Daily Kos and neither of you tell me about it? What's up with that? I thought Kos was your god...I thought you were both faithful daily readers...? ;)

I was lumped in with the jedi knightsFreepers, which is fine with me... HERE IS THE POST which is basically whining about the fact that conservatives were upset that the Human Shields didn't thank the military --apparently we should have been posting thanks and rejoicing instead of questioning the hostage’s speeches and motives.

Are you for real? Truthfully I *WAS* happy they were rescued (not released, rescued) UNTIL they were ungrateful. After they thanked their captors and not their rescuers (who they've most likely protested against) I couldn't care less if they had been ceremoniously beheaded to the sounds of the Vienna Boys Choir singing Allah Ahkbar...

oops, did I say that out loud…?

How about the fact that they were rescued because of interrogation information from the infamous Abu Garib prison (is this story is steeped in irony or what)?

How about the fact that one of the former hostages "was part of a human shield for peace activist corps. once "welcomed by Saddam Hussein as a useful propaganda tool." (source)

I think that doing posts of glee over the peaceniks rescue is out of the question given that they should have never been there to begin with... but hey, who am I to say, I'm just a Blogger that isn't paid by my party of choice...

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