Thursday, March 09, 2006

Black. White.

Did anyone else watch the premier of Black. White. On FX last night?

For those that don’t watch a lot of TV, this is a show that has gotten tons of hype (including a full hour on Oprah). The premise is they will make a Black family White and a White family Black using high tech makeup and have them all live together (helping each other to “pass”) for two weeks.

Could they have picked a more obnoxious White family? NO! This family of rich California liberal Caucasians is so out-of-touch the show was almost painful to watch. They claim to have grown up with parents that “worked in the Civil Rights movement”, yet they have no Black friends and say things that had me covering my eyes hoping it wasn’t really happening.

At one point the White mom says she’ll “be Black” by walking into rooms and “high fiving everyone”. Another part the Black mom finds egg shells in the container with the rest of the eggs and says to her husband in disgust, “Look what they do!” I was yelling at the television…”No! They don’t do that –that retarded family you are forced to live with does that!”

And they are promoting it hard -they even have a MySpace page...

What a disaster. Thank you producers for picking the freakiest liberal family you could find. A family that claims to “love people of color”, has not one Black friend and constantly goes on about how racism doesn’t exist. That should really help to break down the cultural barriers. /sarcasm

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