Wednesday, March 15, 2006

ACLU Sides with Fred Phelps

My naiveté is once again exposed... The other day I posted that I thought not even the ACLU could support Fred Phelps' right to crash the funerals of Soldiers and Marines killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It seems that I was wrong.

Though the ACLU has a posting on their website claiming they had "no current intention to challenge the law should it be enacted" (on the proposed bill intended to limit the ability to protest at a funeral) seems now they are looking to defend the right of Phelps' "church" in doing just that.

The bills to stop protestors at funerals are being fought by the ACLU in both Tennessee and Louisiana. The bill would "It would make it unlawful for anyone to picket or protest within 1,000 feet “of any church, cemetery or funeral establishment” from one hour before the services until one hour after their conclusion. Maximum penalties would be six months in jail, a fine of $100, or both." (source)

"These distances are far too restrictive on free speech rights," said Hedy Weinberg, the executive director of ACLU of Tennessee.

I guess the family of the Soldier or Marine has no expectation of privacy. I guess they have no rights...

(I HATE to link his horrible website, but look at how many funerals the Phelps clan have desecrated this year alone... I had no idea.)

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