Monday, February 27, 2006

The Words "World Court" Make Me Really Nervous...

The Powers that Be are gathering in the Hague to decide whether a country can be found guilty of genocide. The current debate is over Serbia... but it has to make you wonder if the U.S. is next...

"It is one of the most complex and far-reaching rulings ever sought from the tribunal, also known as the world court. Arguments are scheduled to take six weeks, and it likely will be a year before the 16 judges deliver their verdict.

The case hinges on whether the court is persuaded that the Serbian state, and not just a group of individuals, had the specific intent to wipe out the Muslims of eastern Bosnia as a distinct community.

If the judges rule in Bosnia's favour, they would decide later whether to award financial reparations, which could total billions of dollars. The court's rulings are binding, and a refusal to abide by them could be referred to the UN Security Council for action.

Croatia, another republic that splintered from the crumbling Yugoslav federation, has a similar genocide case against Serbia pending at the world court.

The Bosnia case is the first to be heard under the world court's new president, British Justice Rosalyn Higgins, 68, who also is the only woman among the UN-elected judges." (source)

As much as I believe governments in countries like Rwanda, Sudan, Uganda, Iraq and Afghanistan should be somehow held accountable for atrocities they have committed...I shiver at the thought of a "world organization". The reason countries are sovereign is to make their own laws and to live by their own standards. I know that I believe in many moral absolutes and so maybe this is a contradiction... (Moral absolutes like -you don't leave female babies to die on a beach, but if you want to eat dogs that's on you.)
This is precisely why ALL countries should be Democracies. If the people voted for all that happened in their sovereign state...there would be no need for a "world court".

As for Serbia, I really need the "Dummies Guide to the Bosnia/Serbian /Croatian War". I have read so much about it and have written to a Bosnian woman for almost four years and I am still at a loss.

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