Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Where's the Consistency?

I am quite sure this question has been asked on hundreds of conservative blogs over the past few years, but...

If we have declared war on terrorism -- If we have stated that you are our enemy if you harbor/facilitate terrorists -- If we have implicitly stated a "no tolerance" international policy --If we are indeed engaged in the "Global War on Terror"...

Then why are we dealing with the Palestinians at all?!

I know people may ask the same of Pakistan, but I don't think it's the same. President Musharraf has risked a lot politically being helpful to the U.S.

Muslims claim the US has a "controlling element" that shifts foreign policy in favor of Israel. Our blind eye toward the Palestinians ongoing terrorism is evidence that isn't true.

If there were a group in the US that was consistently bombing innocent civilians in coffee shops, malls and pizza parlors --do you think there would still be a one breathing? What's up with that? I used to empathize with both sides. I am pretty sure that sentiment has been exhausted.

The Palestinians' (and Muslim for that matter) hatred of the Jews precedes the struggle for the West bank and Gaza and that nullifies all their current justifications...

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