Thursday, February 16, 2006

What's Worse Than An Abortion Doctor that Loves His Job? that is accused of microwaving and EATING the fetuses. Unfortunately this isn't a punch line to a tasteless joke.

Krishna Rajanna, proprietor of the (former) Affordable Medical and Surgical Services in Kansas City, Kansas, has his clinic raided and his license revoked "after former employees made allegations of coffee cups full of syringes, medical tools stored near toilets and fetuses stored in refrigerators used by employees for lunches. At least one employee claimed to have witnessed Rajanna microwaving a fetus and mixing it into his own lunch. Though Rajanna vehemently denied the charge, saying he was a vegetarian, his clinic was closed and his medical license revoked."
No charges were brought against Rajanna for the alleged fetus consumption, but not because law enforcement authorities disbelieved the accusation. The problem for the district attorney was that there were no laws against eating fetuses.(source)

"Julia Walton Garcia made the fetus-eating charge to Detective William Howard of the Kansas City Police Department and to District Attorney Nick Tomasic. 'Julia went on to describe how she and the other girls actually witnessed Rajanna microwave one of the aborted fetuses and stir it into his lunch,'' explained Howard, the investigating officer in the case. ''Julia claimed that she shared this (information) with some of the other employees, who confirmed that they had seen him do the very same thing.''
Howard was so disturbed by the charge that he took Garcia to see Tomasic. Though Howard warned Garcia that lying to a district attorney would be a serious offense, she reportedly told the same story to Tomasic.
But Tomasic's hands were tied. There were no laws on the books to prohibit an abortionist – or anyone else – from eating a human unborn baby." (source)

The pictures of Rajanna's clinic are being used to bolster support for new bills calling for regulations and inspections. There were fetus parts in the refrigerator that employees used for their lunches (PICTURE -not graphic*). ("While Rajanna denied the accusation about eating fetuses, he did admit keeping fetuses in Styrofoam cups in the refrigerator along with food and drink.") His sterilization room and staff/patient bathroom was one in the same (PICTURE). The Associated Press mellowed down the story quite a bit:
"The Board of Healing Arts found that [Rajanna's] clinic appeared cluttered. It said some items were improperly kept in a utility room and in the freezer of a refrigerator that also contained food." (Aborted babies are "items"?)

"Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius has twice vetoed bills to regulate abortion clinics, saying she could only support legislation that applied new regulations "across the board" – to all clinics that perform outpatient surgery.

That's exactly what House Bill 2829 would do – require all 2,300 offices that perform outpatient surgery to undergo unannounced inspections.

Not surprisingly, the legislation is being opposed by abortion proponents as prejudicial."

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