Saturday, February 25, 2006

We're Adopting a Baby...

Actually, I guess it's called a hatchling.

We have finally decided what the next addition to the House of Sage will be: a baby Red Foot Tortoise.

We thought about a Guinea pig, a ferret, a chinchilla, frogs and slider turtles, but the tortoise won. I didn't want anything that I had to feed crickets or pinkies (been there, done that and no thanks) and the littlest guy "doesn't like anything fuzzy".

The Man will build a killer enclosure (indoor for now, but he can be outdoors from May -September) and I will have one more thing to worry about and clean up after --but the little one will have his dream pet. The older one has the French Bulldog, so the tortoise is quite the bargain... Though, The Man didn't seem to think that when I told him the price... ;)

The South American Red Foot can live for 50 years and can get to be 30 or this is quite the commitment.

We're looking for cool name suggestions. I am partial to Drama or Darwin and the little guy wants Michelangelo...

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