Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ted Rall VS. Ann Coulter

"Iran is soliciting cartoons on the Holocaust. So far, only Ted Rall, Garry Trudeau, and the NY Times have made submissions." -Anne Coulter, 2/2006

Okay, brace yourselves... Ted Rall, you remember him right? The idiot "cartoonist" that came into the public eye over his horrid cartoon of Pat Tillman, is soliciting money to sue Ann Coulter for slander over the above remark. A man that has said " "We Do Not Owe Our Liberties To The Military" and "US Military No Different Than Terrorists" and said vile things about both Pat Tillman and Ronald Reagan all under the blanket of free speech --but still finds time to complain about others' cartoons:

He had this to say about "The Incredibles":
“It’s kind of ironic that superheroes now have these fascist, right-wing connotations. The right has stolen our flag and our superheroes, too.”
He added: “I would be in favour of Empathy Man. The man who plants the seeds of empathy into the cold, stony heart of the average red-state American.”(source)

And, so much for free speech, now he wants to sue Ann Coulter over a joke. Now, I realize that the reason the joke was FUNNY was because it could be true. No one would be surprised to hear that Rall sent cartoons belittling the Holocaust...

If you can stomach it --you have to read Rall's little tirade about Ann. It's most likely the funniest thing he's done...

The end is the best...he begs his readers for money to sue Ann:

"So that's where things stand. Whether or not this proxy battle for the soul of America takes place depends on the generosity of the American people and the depth of their contempt for neo-McCarthyite smear tactics against progressives. Please pledge today at []."

Liberals elsewhere are also attacking Coulter-- as with Cheney, they got a scent of blood in the water. Apparently she voted 4 miles too far from her palm Beach house in a little local election and they are going wild!

Just a small sampling of the left'osphere headlines cropping up already:
PAPER: Ann Coulter Commits Vote Fraud Felony!
Ann Coulter Guilty of a Felony??? Hammer of Truth
Ann Coulter Commits Election Felony is all over it.

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