Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowls and Ulterior Motives...

So, you all know I could care less about football. Maybe the phenomenon of boys in tight pants rolling around on each other would be more appealing if they all looked like the Patriot's Tom Brady...but alas, they don't.

However, I am throwing in my hope for a winner today... (drum roll please)

The Pittsburgh Steelers!

Now, you may think I have this hope because The Eagles disappointed ONCE AGAIN and the Steelers are from Pennsylvania too. That's not it. Here's the thing, most of us eastern Pennsylvanians don't really even consider the fact that that part of the state exists (terrible I know). For Philadelphians and those that live in the Philly suburbs, western and northern PA feels like a whole different world (almost like the South or the Midwest... not that there's anything wrong with that...LOL)

The actual reason is -- Lynn Swann is running for governor against our infamous Democratic (and married to the labor unions) governor, Ed Rendell. Rendell has some new controversy surrounding him -but he is well ahead in raising money (of course, remember I said labor unions...)

I think a Steelers win would give Swann a media boost and help with campaign fund raising. So yes, there is an ulterior motive...but GO PITTSBURGH (even if you guys are a little hicky) ;)

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