Friday, February 24, 2006

Odds and Ends...

  • Can someone please put a muzzle on Pat Buchanan? I mean, I guess since the few sane FDR Dems out there have to deal with Dean, Rangel, Biden and Gore it's only fair that we have a few embarrassments too, but this man really needs to exercise his right to stay silent... His latest OpEd is slamming the "War Party" (Isn't that the same party he ran for President under the banner of...twice...?) for talk about the various possible threats Iran now poses.

    "Newt and the War Party appear to be pushing against an open door. A Fox News poll finds Iran has replaced North Korea as the nation Americans believe is our greatest immediate danger.

    Instead of whining about how they were misled into Iraq, why don't Democrats try to stop this new war before it starts? They can begin by introducing a resolution in Congress denying Bush authority to launch any preventive war on Iran unless Congress first declares war on Iran." (source)

    Sorry Pat, but most conservatives I know love Newt --and if he hadn't cheated on his wife while she had cancer, he would probably be or have been president by now (IMO).

  • The Christian, the Jew and the Muslim. No, this isn't a joke; it's actually a pretty amazing WWII story. Courtesy of Free Republic.

  • Even with all the talk of borders lately I was completely unaware of the fact that it currently isn't illegal to TUNNEL into the United States...

    "There are other crimes associated with border tunnels. It's illegal to enter the country someplace other than an official border crossing, for instance. Or to import drugs. And it's illegal to help others do these things. But the tunneling itself? That's not against the law.
    For now.
    Sen. Dianne Feinstein said she plans to introduce legislation to change that when Congress reconvenes next week.
    The California Democrat says she has Republican support for the bill, which would set a maximum 20-year sentence for building or financing a tunnel into the U.S.
    Landowners who let others build or use such a tunnel would face up to 10 years in prison. And smugglers using a tunnel to move aliens, terrorists, weapons, drugs or other contraband would see their sentences doubled." (Read the rest of the article)

  • John Gizzi, veteran political editor of the conservative weekly Human Events, thinks that Democrats just might win enough swing seats in the 2006 elections to take back control of Congress (for the first time since 1994). Read the Article. It made me a bit nauseous.
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