Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My Joy...

Most of the time when I post, I feel like the emotion behind the story is virtually impossible to convey in mere words...and this will hardly be the exception.

Many of you know a bit about the trials and tribulations we have been through with Mason (our youngest). If you would have met him a year ago you would have been lucky to understand 10% of what he said to you. He has been in speech therapy since he was 2 years old and was tentatively diagnosed with apraxia --a "severe (articulation) disability".

I realize that parents out there dealing with larger CP, autism and leukemia, must think our speech disability seems fairly innocuous. I know that it was nothing life-threatening, but I can't tell you how many nights I stayed awake thinking of horrible things other kids had said to him. "You sound weird." Go away, you talk funny." Oh, you must not speak my language."

The home-schooling option was always on the table as a year ago a SLP (Speech & Language Pathologist) told us that a school environment and fear of exclusion may cause him to stop speaking all together. Mason consistently scores at a third grade comprehension level --making him fully aware of his limitations and acutely sensitive to the ridicule that seems to go hand in hand. But also made him work his ass off to overcome it.

Today we went to the head of the Speech & Language department for a comprehensive test to determine the course of action for next year (when he starts Kindergarten). At the end of the meeting she looked at me and said...

"Mrs. ______, I don't think he is going to qualify for speech therapy in the fall."


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