Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Muslims, Cartoons and the "Myth" of the Holocaust

Iranian President Ahmadinejad on the "Myth of the Holocaust" & a Message to "Aggressive European Governments...and the Great Satan": "You Should Be Grateful That Our People has Acted Nobly Towards You so Far, and has Been Patient... Don't Make Us Lose Our Patience..."

Just like we have been calling the Muslim's hypocrites over the cartoons --they are now saying the same about us, claiming there is no free speech because we are blocking "the truth" and we won't let historians uncover the "great lie" of the Holocaust...meaning they say there wasn't one and they're mad because they can't say that:

"How come it is allowed to harm the honor of the prophets in your country, but it is forbidden to research the myth of the Holocaust? You are a bunch of tyrants, who are dependent upon the Zionists and who are held hostage by them.

"We proposed the following: If you are not lying, allow a group of neutral, honest researchers to come to Europe, and to talk to people, examine documents, and let people know the findings of their research about the Holocaust myth. You have even prevented your own scholars from researching this issue. They are allowed to study anything except for the Holocaust myth. Are these not medieval methods?"

"Even today, a group of people convene and declare: 'We rule that the Holocaust happened, and everybody must think the same.' This is a medieval way of thinking. On the face of it, the technology has changed, but the culture and the way of thinking remain medieval. If you are looking for the real Holocaust, you should look for it in Palestine. Over there, the pillaging Zionists are massacring the Palestinian people every day. If you are looking for the crimes of the Holocaust, you should find them among the oppressed people of Iraq. Today, all the people throughout the world are familiar with your methods and your way of thinking. Your behavior is the essence of Western liberalism."

"Until now, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been operating, on nuclear affairs, within the framework of the IAEA and the NPT. But if we see that you are trying, on the basis of these regulations, to deny the Iranian people of its right, you should know that the Iranian people will reconsider its policies." (Read the rest at The Middle East Media Research Institute)

Also, take a look at Canada's reconsideration concerning Sharia Law (and what the religion of peace actually condones in that law) over at Lost Budgie Blog.

Last but not least, read what the seemingly ONE moderate (aka backslidden?) Muslim has to say about the cartoons:
How Muslims are caricaturing ourselves By Irshad Manji
(H/T: Freakchylde)

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