Friday, February 10, 2006

Murderer Wins Lawsuit...

Here's "frivolous lawsuits" taken to a whole new level...

A man who was involved and convicted in the brutal gang rape of a girl and then her horrific death (she was stabbed 132 times) has converted to the Nation of Islam and is SUING the prison system in Boston for "violating his religious rights". Why does this man have any rights? Did the little girl he raped and stabbed to death get a say?

Since this is a civil suit the jury isn't allowed to hear anything about his disgusting crime because that would "make it impossible to be fair" (his lawyer's claim).

"Introducing himself from the witness stand as Azuzallah Shaheed-Muhammad, the man formerly known as Hogan told jurors he legally changed his name for religious reasons nine years ago after becoming a member of the Nation of Islam.

''Once you begin to get into the faith of Islam, you take on the attributes of the creator," said Shaheed-Muhammad, who testified that he's currently incarcerated in Arizona, where he prays to Mecca five times a day, reads the Koran, and studies Arabic. He talked of the pillars of his faith, including charity, and said he recently made a small donation to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

But he told jurors his right to freely practice his religion was violated when he was imprisoned in Massachusetts in 1998 and 1999 by officials who confiscated his religious medallion, rejected his request for a vegetarian diet that conformed to his beliefs, and sent back his subscription to an Islamic newspaper. The suit names eight former and current Department of Correction officials." (source)

...And don't you just love the judges in this country:

"US District Judge Nancy Gertner ruled that Shaheed-Muhammad's criminal history and his prison disciplinary record are irrelevant to his contentions that his religious rights were violated and that information may not be disclosed to jurors.

''There's nothing that says to practice your religion you have to be crime-free, you have to be a good person, that arguably bad people don't have a right to practice their religion," Gertner said." (source)

Who paid for the lawyers, judge, jury and time for this case to be heard? The taxpayers of Boston...possibly including the parents of the brutally murdered Kimberly Rae Harbour?

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