Thursday, February 02, 2006

MD: No Gay Marriage and No Divorce

It seems that in a rush to get an amendment banning gay marriage onto a ballot --the current bill could also ban divorce...

"...Simmons said the proposed amendment, submitted by Del. Donald H. Dwyer Jr. (R-Anne Arundel), would nullify local laws in Montgomery County and Baltimore that allow gay public employees to extend health benefits to their partners and to own property jointly. A law professor later said Dwyer's proposal was "so incoherent and sloppy" that it could inadvertently outlaw divorce..." (source)

Dwyer claims he didn't mean to strip anyone of rights they already have. You already know how I feel about this. Civil Unions for all...marriage only or those who want the union made before God.

What irony though...
...if marriage is so sacred there shouldn't be a need for divorce anyway, right?

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