Monday, February 06, 2006

Israel VS. Iran

A senior Israeli military source is talking and insinuating there may be plans for an attack on the Iranian's "peaceful" nuclear program.

"Their defense experts display no doubt whatsoever that Israel's Air Force can cripple Iran's nuclear program if necessary. The trick, they say, is to go after the system's weak spots. "You need to identify the bottlenecks. There are not very many. If you take them out, then you really undermine the project." (source)

US war officials are saying that the Israelis only have the capacity to damage the program -not destroy it. They question if the cost (to the region and possibly to Israeli pilots that would have a rough time making it out) would be justified by a 2 or 3 year delay.

The questions are...given Iran's unabashed hatred and wish for complete annihilation of Israel, don't they have the right to a pre-emptive strike? Is this just tough talk to scare the UN and US into action against Iran? Isn't the thought of a nuclear Tehran scaring the crap out of everyone...?

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