Friday, February 17, 2006

In the Sandbox...

‘Sleep Safe, America’

I am a soldier and have been this my entire adult life.

It is a very selective brotherhood, the military service. It is hard to talk to someone about deployments, sergeants time training, field exercises, gunnery and the things these young men and women do everyday to train, to hone the edge of freedom so that the U.S. remains a safe place to live and raise our children.

Every once in awhile our vigilance slips and terror does strike our country but the spirit of freedom lives strong in every American. Every soldier, sailor, airman and Marine is here because they want to be here and they are all carrying the spirit of America in their hearts.

There are some families that have protested the war and have pointed fingers at our leaders because their loved one has given the ultimate price for freedom. My thoughts are to those families that chase the news, wanting to place the blame on our leaders: Where were you when your loved one joined the military? Everyone knows that those in the military might pay with his life; it is not something that is new. To protest and accuse others because their loved one has died is a dishonor to the memory of that individual. I ask you to stop dishonoring your loved one, and instead praise him for his devotion because in the place where fallen warriors go, he will be honored for his selfless sacrifice.

God bless you, and remember when you do something without fear, this freedom was given to you by those who have fallen.

Sleep safe, America. We are here and we will stand fast and watch over you.

-Staff Sgt. Robert Fries, Camp Taji, Iraq (Stars & Stripes: Letters to the Editor)

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