Friday, February 03, 2006

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Briefing Confirms That 3/25 Marines Were Not Betrayed
Captured Insurgents May Have Been Responsible For 20 Marine Deaths

"CLEVELAND -- The Marine Corps Thursday publicly confirmed for the first time that the insurgents who may have been responsible for the death of 20 Brook Park Marines have been taken into custody.

The men from the 3rd Battalion 25th Marines were killed in two separate attacks in Iraq last August. The families of the fallen Marines have been waiting to get answers about what really happened.

The Marine Corps continues to look for insurgents, but as recently as two weeks ago, Marines were searching for insurgents in Haqlaniya, Iraq, whom they suspect were connected to the Aug. 1 killings of six Marine snipers, reported NewsChannel5's Adam Shapiro.

The Marines confirmed that the insurgents who may have been responsible for the August ambush were taken into custody soon after the attack, but the status of those prisoners is classified.

"We are quite sure after looking at all the reports that no betrayal occurred, and that the unfortunate deaths of those Marines was not due to any infiltration of leak of information from Iraqi defense forces," said Kucinich.

Some of the Marines returning from Iraq told the families of the fallen that their loved ones may have been betrayed. On Aug. 12, Marine Commandant Gen. Michael Hagee promised families of the fallen that those allegations would be investigated.

With that investigation now complete, Kucinich said the Marine Corps has ruled out any kind of betrayal in the attack which killed the six snipers and the tragedy two days later that cost 14 more 3/25 Marines their lives... (Read the rest of the story...)

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