Thursday, February 09, 2006

I Wasn't Going To Talk About Carter...

...but I can't resist. If I was able to keep my mouth shut, I probably wouldn't have a blog, right?

"Is there a bigger waste of skin than Jimmy Carter?" -Glenn Beck

Carter, "reformed" racist, took the opportunity of the death of Martin Luther King Jr.'s wife to get in a few jabs at Bush.

Let's see...while Jimmy Carter was a SEGRAGATIONALIST, the Bush's were among the first donors of the NAACP (risking expulsion from Odessa, TX for dining with Blacks)

Jimmy Carter had the term "misery index" created during his Presidency, a horrible economy and gas lines that sat for hours --yet, in spite of 9/11, DC snipers and anthrax... Bush has a thriving economy and an incredible employment rate.

Some may forget that Cater was the butt of every joke in the world during the Iran hostage crisis. He emboldened the Islam fundamentalists --but both Bush's fought them.

What qualifies the former champion of segregation to criticize Bush's relationship with African Americans? The fact that he's hammered a few nails?

How does he answer to the facts? The fact that since Bush took office there has been a 40% drop of out-of-wedlock pregnancies in the Black community. The reading scores of African Americans are up 14 pts. There is an all time high of African Americans that own there own homes (over 70%).

Carter needs to go back and read his own press --even the NYT seemed to agree he was a disaster as a President. I guess the left conveniently forgets that now because he bashes Bush for them...

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