Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Your Total Score is: 70%

Average Score: 50.62

Total Participants: 71448

You are in the: 82nd percentile

If you have yet to buy your woman a gift...leave the computer THIS SECOND and go do so. She doesn't care about the "commercial aspect" of the day or if it's a "Hallmark Holiday"... she wants to know you thought of her.

The Man knows exactly what Valentine's Day means...BLUE BOXES! ...and each one brings back fond memories of a February gone by... LOL

Some last minute ideas for you slackers:

-"Pink" collection PJs from Victoria's Secret
-Flowers (a lot and loose...maybe try tulips instead of standard roses)
-Godiva chocolates
-White gold hoop earrings
*HINT*ALL WOMEN want something besides "Love, So&So" in the card, be sappy! ;)

Have fun!

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