Thursday, February 02, 2006

The DNC in Serious Trouble...

Sorry kids, all of you that hoped the bad events that have plagued Bush's presidency and the fact that his polls are dropping would boost the standing of the other party. It hasn't. Not by a long shot.

Not only do the Dems have no plans and no alternatives...but they can't decide who is the leader of their party --they don't know who speaks for them -- there doesn't seem much the anti-war Prius-driving left and the FDR Dems have in common. All that and they're broke.

The reason given for Dean's unorthodox appointment to DNC chair was his internet fundraising ability...yet as the RNC continues to raise millions, the DNC is not even competitive. (RNC now has 5X as much money)

The supposed filibuster of Alito was just an embarrassment (the left-o-sphere is hating there own so much, I think they've forgotten all about Bushy...)

Now, in a juicy turn of events, it seems that Howard Dean is practicing "Nixon-style" politics --and claims to have hard-core dirt on Senate Minority leader Harry Reid.

"Dean seems unlikely to take the rebellion lying down, though. Reports have surfaced that the former Vermont governor has prepared a Nixonian response by digging up dirt on Harry Reid, the Democrat's leader in the Senate. One DNC source is quoted in media reports as ominously saying that Dean's secret evidence on dealings by the Senator from Nevada makes "Jack Abramoff's lobbying work look like that of a rank amateur."

Since lobbyist Abramoff recently pleaded guilty in a high profile influence-peddling case, says DeBrecht, this posturing from one of Dean's DNC staffers suggests that Dean thinks he is in possession of extremely damaging information on the Senate minority leader. Whether Dean will disclose that information to the press or hang onto it in order to avoid an attack by the party's Congressional leadership remains unclear." (source1, source2)

The republicans might fight over Kid Rock and wardrobe malfunctions...but as far as main ideology, I think most of us are on the same page: defeat Islamofacists and worry about the rest later.
Can't wait to hear the dirt on Reid --and see if the left-wing bloggers treat him the way they have treated Delay and Frist...

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