Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Danish Flags at the Ready?

Every time I see reports about the Danish Cartoon ridiculousness, I keep thinking about the fact that Danish flags seem to be everywhere. I hadn't even known what Denmark's flag looked like... Yesterday I caught a few minutes of Rush's show driving Mace to speech and apparently he was having the same nagging thoughts...

If tomorrow you decided that Zimbabwe, Finland or Burma had deeply offended you --would you have their flag handy to burn? Would you take the time to order it express delivery online?

How is it that Muslims in London, Syria, Pakistan, etc all seem to have an endless supply of Danish flags? Who is supplying the flag, and are how far in advance were these stockpiles bought? To what end?

Yes, this is a tinfoil hat thought...but I think an important one --the cartoons were published only once and it was last year. No one would have ever seen them without all that is going on now. Most people couldn't even tell you were Denmark is on a map, yet Muslims in Middle Eastern countries (even destitute ones like Palestine) just happen to have multiple Danish flags stored for a rainy day...?

In light of everything else that is going on --is this a convenient distraction for something bigger on the horizon? Just an example of (well supplied) mob-mentality lunacy? Or (as Rush suggested yesterday) is it a ploy to shame moderate Muslims into action...?

Update: I can't believe I forgot... Iran is now hosting a Holocaust cartoon contest. That makes sense...the Danes piss you off and the Jews take the hit...

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