Monday, February 13, 2006

Cheney's oops...

I can only imagine that the left'osphere is going wild today with stories and photoshopped pics of VP Cheney--

In case you hadn't heard, on Saturday he accidentaly shot someone while hunting birds. The poor guy is 78 too...

"Katharine Armstrong, whose family owns the ranch, was a member of the hunting party and witnessed the accident.

She said Cheney, an experienced hunter, did not realize Whittington had rejoined the group without announcing himself, which is proper protocol among hunters.

"They had no idea he was there," Armstrong said.

"A bird flew up, the vice president followed it through around to his right and shot, and unfortunately, unbeknownst to anybody, Harry was there and he got peppered pretty good with a spray of 28-gauge pellets," Armstrong said in a telephone interview.

"He was turning, facing the vice president, but turning to the right, and it sprayed him across the right side of his face, his shoulder, his chest and along the rib cage area," she said." (source)

Cheney was already having a rough go of it with all the Scooter Libby stuff --remember, the amazing case of the CIA undercover leak...and the leaking someone that wasn't even undercover...

IMAO has a poll up asking which Dem you wish Cheney would have been hunting with... ;) So far Hillary is in the lead with Teddy at a close second.

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