Monday, February 06, 2006

The Cartoon Imbroglio Rages On...

...And now some followers of that peaceful religion have threatened to CHOP PEOPLE INTO PEICES...oh yeah, OVER SOME FRIGGIN' CARTOONS...


"An al-Qaeda-linked group in Iraq threatened today to attack the interests of European nations where cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed were published, and to kill Danish nationals by chopping them up into pieces.

"The interests of these countries where newspapers have published the humiliating images will be our target," the Islamic Army in Iraq said in an Internet statement naming Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Norway and Spain.

It told "all mujahedeen (holy warriors) to capture Danes and cut them into pieces" following the publication in a Danish newspaper last September of 12 cartoons of the prophet which have triggered a fierce and often violent outcry across the Muslim world.

The Islamic Army urged "all Muslims to target all enterprises that deal with these countries and all points of sale of products from these countries, mainly Denmark and Norway'." (source)

Support Denmark

Draw (and submit) your own Muhammad

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