Monday, January 09, 2006

What's the Best Weapon Against An Entire Military?

...a BLONDE of course!

England seems to have found this out the hard way.

"A 17-YEAR-OLD girl conned her way on to four Army bases and ordered troops about in an astonishing security lapse.

The blonde Forces fantasist hoodwinked hardened soldiers over ten days which saw her:

WAKE a platoon of 30 rookie Paras at 3am and put them through drill exercises;
WANDER close to lethal and sensitive equipment such as £30million Apache helicopter gunships and Challenger battle tanks;
COMMANDEER military vehicles and drivers to ferry her around;
BLAG a room to stay overnight at one base." (source)

The girl has received 18 months probation (which seemed a pretty light sentence in light of the political climate in the UK).

"An MoD source told The Sun: “What this young lady managed to do was quite extraordinary.
“For a teenager to penetrate military security as deeply as she did on four occasions is appalling.
“What on earth could an al-Qaeda terrorist have achieved? One shudders to think.
“She made a mockery of some of Britain’s finest fighting outfits.
“Top brass are fuming. Heads will have to roll.” (source)

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