Thursday, January 19, 2006

What Ideology Would Be Required of a Woman President?

By now I am sure you have all read/heard Hillary's remarks from Martin Luther King day...or Laura Bush's remarks yesterday about nominating Condi Rice to run in the next election. It seems we may indeed be moving ever closer to the reality of a woman president.

One thing we know about the Clintons is that Hillary doesn't make off-the-cuff remarks. I am sure before she made her remarks to a Black Harlem audience the words had been debated and polled in private...

"Because when you look at the way the House of Representatives has been run, it has been run like a plantation. And you know what I'm talking about." -Hillary Clinton (1/2006) (source)

A bunch of rich, mainly white folk who possess much power even if they are the minority party, are hardly comparable to slaves. That didn't stop barrack Obama from defending Hillary's choice of inflammatory words.

Laura Bush didn't hesitate to throw her disdain Hillary's way when she called her remarks "a ridiculous comment". This week Laura also abandoned her normal quiet and gave Condi a plug to be the GOP's next presidential Nominee:

"I'd love to see her run. She's terrific," Mrs. Bush said during an interview in which she predicted that for the first time a woman would soon be elected president of the US.
"I think it will happen, for sure," she told the television network CNN. "I think it will happen probably in the next few terms of the presidency in the United States." She said her choice for that ground-breaking role would be "of course, a Republican woman" and then gave her endorsement to Dr Rice.
Mrs. Bush is normally extremely guarded in her pronouncements, so her expression of support carries weight. It is unlikely that she would have adopted such an overt position if her husband were opposed." (source)

Love or hate Dick Morris, one thing that you can't deny is that he knows the Clintons inside and out. They may have had a falling out, but they owe their eight year reign to him. Morris had an interesting take on all that is Hillary these days. He said (on Laura Ingraham's show yesterday) that Hillary believes that a woman President must be pro-war to be taken seriously. This is a conflict with much of the base of her party. To be pro-war (which she really can't back out of now) she must go far to the left on other issues. This leaves her in an unenviable position as Bill won by touting his "centrist" philosophy.

This is an issue that I tend to agree with Hillary --IMO, a pacifist woman would have a hard time finding her way into the Oval Office...

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