Friday, January 06, 2006

A Viable Challenger for Fast Eddie!

For years I have been saying that Pennsylvania (Philly specifically) NEEDS some strong, Black conservatives that are willing to throw their underrepresented hats into the political ring...

It may finally be starting to happen...and with an added "celeb" twist to boot! The fact that John Street won the last Mayoral election pretty much proved that the majority of Philadelphians vote strictly according to skin color --he was NOT the best candidate (in fact, I would have voted for Al Sharpton over Street -at least Sharpton makes me laugh...)

Former Pittsburg Steelers star, Lynn Swan, says that he will challenge Gov. Ed Rendell (aka Fast Eddie) in the next bout for Governor. Aside from his parent's unfortunate choice when naming him (guessing that's why he became a football player to begin with -the whole "Boy named Sue" thing), he's a Hall-of-Famer with four Super Bowl wins, he's Black and he's a pro-life Republican. It has all the components for success...

"Swann said Wednesday that he hopes to convince blacks that he is a better candidate than Rendell, the former Philadelphia mayor. The Democratic Party has "taken the African American vote for granted," Swann said.

G. Terry Madonna, a pollster and professor at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, said Swann needs to convince voters that he has ideas and the leadership ability necessary to turn them into policy. He could benefit from disenchantment with the state and national governments, Madonna said.

"Voters are looking for fresh faces," Madonna said. Swann "has a personal story to tell that's compelling."

The eventual GOP nominee could get a big boost Feb. 11, when the Republican State Committee meets to consider endorsing a candidate. On Wednesday, Scranton wrote Swann to ask him to participate in several debates before the meeting. Swann said he would be happy to participate in debates." (source)

I am quite interested in hearing more of his political ideology. Who knows...maybe I'll join his campaign --what the heck, the liberal Bloggers work for who they write about...

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