Friday, January 20, 2006


"Lynn Swann is leading Ed Rendell in the race for governor! The highly respected Rasmussen poll came out yesterday and showed that Lynn is ahead of Ed Rendell 45% to 43%."

...But this Pittsburgh paper switched the numbers when they reported results. I realize 45 to 43 is a virtual tie with margin of error -and that this could have been a unintentional misprint... it just seems the misprints work in favor of the left, doesn't it?

...imagine that, a Republican in the lead. Fast Eddy (our current Governor and master of Pay-to-play politics) must be sweating more profusely than he normally does.

We have to route for the STEELERS in the Super Bowl -the publicity of a Steeler's Super Bowl win can only help Swan --and Rendell's close association with the clipped-wing Philadelphia Eagles makes the race all that more interesting...

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