Thursday, January 19, 2006

Quote of the Week...

"If a President breaks the law, he undermines the fabric of our nation." -Al Gore (1/2006)

Al Gore was referring to the Bush Administration's NSA wire tapping. I posted yesterday on Kennedy's hypocrisy, but this is even more blatant. I realize that most politicians are "do what I say and not as I do" people --and that power does corrupt...but could they be a bit more discreet about their deceitfulness?

Not even delving into the fact that Gore's Administration had a President that was impeached for lying under oath (a fact they all seemed to forget when it came to Scooter Libby), there is the little matter of the Echelon Project.

From the NYT in 1999:
"According to the report, Echelon is just one of the many code names for the monitoring system, which consists of satellite interception stations in participating countries. The stations collectively monitor millions of voice and data messages each day. These messages are then scanned and checked against certain key criteria held in a computer system called the "Dictionary." In the case of voice communications, the criteria could include a suspected criminal's telephone number; with respect to data communications, the messages might be scanned for certain keywords, like "bomb" or "drugs." The report also alleges that Echelon is capable of monitoring terrestrial Internet traffic through interception nodes placed on deep-sea communications cables.
...Still, Echelon has been shrouded in such secrecy that its very existence has been difficult to prove". source)

When the NYT ran that story it defended the program and claimed it was a necessity against terrorists and drug traffickers (and that was pre-9/11).

Now Gore is saying that "Bush must be probed" (ewww) and he's "calling for an independent review"?! I give up.

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