Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Powell Speaks About Iraq...

When the MSM felt that Powell was against President Bush and didn't agree with the war in Iraq, he was all they could talk about...but strangely (sarcasm) this story hasn't really gotten press.

"Former Secretary of State Colin Powell said Sunday night in the Twin Cities that he harbors no regrets about the U.S. invasion of Iraq...
...Powell said that the world is in better shape now than at any point in his life. He said fascism and communism have been defeated and that while terrorists can blow up buildings and take hundreds and even thousands of lives, they cannot remake this country the way Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union would have." (source)

Powell believes that a lack of troops in the beginning is the cause for the insurgency problems today. (Which, many believe, could have been handled by the troops waiting to go in through Turkey -and denied that access...)

"An audience member asked about the lack of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Powell said when he delivered a speech before the United Nations in February 2003, he was convinced by the intelligence reports of the CIA, Israel, Britain, Germany, Spain and others that Saddam Hussein had them.
"Either he got rid of them quickly or Saddam Hussein might have thought he had them,'' Powell said. "We don't know.'' (source)

Former media darling Powell has spoken without apology or regret...why isn't the MSM listening?

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