Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Our New Baby...

We spent all day yesterday driving to and from McGuire AFB in Jersey to add this little baby to our stable of gas-guzzling, ozone-piercing, greenhouse-gas-releasing vehicles. A 1985 Jeep CJ7. Ain't she pretty!?
The Man needed a vehicle so he wouldn't have to drive the work truck all the time. We bought it from a great AF couple.
Now I just need a ladder to get my little self into it...

UPDATE: Ok, now that I have actually driven the aforementioned Jeep, I don't know that I am so enthusiastic anymore ;) I have never driven a tractor, but I think I have the idea of what it must be like now. I sprained my ankle jumping down from the damn thing and I am going to have She-Rah thighs from pushing in the clutch and the brake... but, I think I looked pretty cool. LOL

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