Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Muslims VS. the Danish & the Dutch

A little while back I posted about the Danish newspaper that ran the 12 cartoons of Muhammad. The furor over that hasn't died down and now Muslim countries in the Middle East have called for a complete boycott of Danish goods. OVER A CARTOON. This isn't a word-of-mouth in the Mosques boycott, but a call on National TV and newspapers. In Saudi Arabia they have either cancelled all orders or labeled the foods "Danish" on the shelves. OVER A CARTOON. One company in particular, Arla Foods, has come to a stand still and issued this press release.

Should Americans do a reverse-boycott and pick up the slack in support of the Danes...?
Arla Foods:
Rosenborg - Blue cheeses
Denmarks Finest - Havarti (an imported mild and creamy yellow cheese)
Lurpak - Butter
Dofino - Havarti (produced in Wisconsin)
Mediterra - Feta

The Danish newspaper or government seem to be standing strong and not folding to pressure to apologize for A CARTOON.
(H/T: Lost Budgie Blog)

Another small country that's holding its ground (surprisingly) is The Netherlands. New laws in the "socially tolerant" country demand that only Dutch can be spoken on the streets...though Americans, Canadians and Western Europeans are exempt from the law. The Newcomers' Integration Act also requires an exam that tests the applicants knowledge of the Dutch language and culture. The exam is £250 ($425). "...Holland is "a small country with 16 million inhabitants, making it one of the most densely populated in the world. Immigrants play an important role but protests against their numbers are mounting." (source)

Needless to say, Muslim leaders are in an uproar. "This is a discrimination against certain minorities," Boujoufi charged.
He stressed that the law mainly targets Muslim immigrants, especially from Turkey and Morocco.
"This is because immigrants from these countries usually prefer to marry from their countries of origin."

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