Monday, January 23, 2006

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It’s About Demographics

I don’t believe the writer of “He saw the light” understands demographics. The bulk of the military and our country is of a particular preference in religion, and that has obviously been overlooked. Naturally, most people we will encounter are Christian, and most of the chaplains will be Christian to accommodate that need.

Where there is a need for another religious representatives, the military will, and is obligated to, provide that counsel. We do have a choice, and need not be too lazy to follow through. Same with the chapels; they are built to accommodate the majority of attending soldiers. Just like in the States, we will find the same amount of people in a given area: Baptists in the South, Catholics in the Northeast, etc.

If our more immature soldiers continue to whine and complain that most people are Christian, they would be best advised to make a home in a country with a predominately different religion. Those who have failed to understand that Americans are predominately Christian must not have the intellect or willpower to make up their own mind and choose to blame others for their shortcomings. The state and church separation, by law, cannot force any one religion on anybody.

If the whining and sarcasm continues, I expect they will get a long “trip behind the woodshed” with their gunny or first sergeant. Either one ought to straighten them out.

-Sgt. William Clay Rhodes, Ramadi, Iraq (Stars & Stripes: Letters to the Ediitor)

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