Wednesday, January 11, 2006

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Saluting Murtha’s Courage

"[Rep.] John Murtha has been labeled a coward and traitor by some of the supporters of this fiasco that’s killing my fellow soldiers needlessly. Well, just remember that the reason you don’t hear more from soldiers such as myself who disagree is the fact that many of these soldiers know that they will probably be denied rank, even though they work to accomplish the mission here, and will face retribution.

As for Murtha being attacked as a coward and a traitor, I will not stand by and watch a decorated Vietnam veteran being attacked, whether that veteran is a Democrat or Republican, because to me they are fellow soldiers (“Murtha owes GIs apology,” letter, Jan. 9). How dare the letter writer. I stand with Murtha and I salute his courage.

By the way, the letter writer would like to say I hide behind the wire every day, but I don’t. I either go out as a Humvee driver or gunner every day and will kill any terrorist who tries to harm or kill my fellow soldiers inside or outside of the wire.

[To the letter writer:] Attack all you want, but remember we are not afraid of you, just as we are not afraid of those cowardly terrorists."

-Pfc. Leonard Clark, Camp Liberty, Iraq (Stars & Stripes: Letters to the Editor)

...the girls recently deployed to or returning from Iraq...
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