Friday, January 06, 2006

In the Sandbox...

Slain Marine's Sister Follows Him Into Corps

"...Lance Cpl. Christopher J. Dyer, 19, died along with four other Southwest Ohio Marines when a roadside bomb exploded Aug. 3 near Haditha, Iraq.

Sarah, 17, has enlisted in the Marine Reserves despite her brother's death.

"My brother did influence my decision in that he wanted to serve his country," Sarah said. "He realized we have so many freedoms. We have a debt to society. The Marine Corps is the best way."

Sarah graduates from Princeton High School on Jan. 13 - a semester early.

"She's a great kid," said Marsha Miller, the 12th-grade principal at Princeton. "She was very focused even before she lost Chris. ... She really knows what she wants. She's just got a lot of internal drive."

Sarah heads to basic training as a Marine reservist, like her brother, at Parris Island, S.C., on Jan. 22.

"I feel like I have a debt because I've been able to grow up and go to church and go to school and live in an amazing place," Sarah said. "I just want to protect that and help other people get that."

Sarah's career as a Marine reservist could be shortened. She will find out by Feb. 15 whether she received an appointment to West Point, her father said. Rep. Steve Chabot, R-Westwood, nominated Sarah. "I think she's a very impressive young woman," Chabot said.

Chabot was particularly impressed that Sarah still wants to pursue a military career.

"It shows what an extraordinary person she is," Chabot said.

Sarah also will learn by Jan. 23 whether she earned a Navy ROTC scholarship, with a Marine option, that would give her a scholarship to one of many schools - possibly the Virginia Military Institute, which began admitting women in 1997.

Sarah already earned an Army ROTC scholarship to Xavier University, but her heart is with the Marines.

"If I had a choice, I'd go into the Marine Corps," she said. "'The few. The proud.' - I want to be a part of that and I want to be part of the Marines."

If Sarah gets into West Point or earns the ROTC scholarship, her contract with the Marines allows her to go to college and forgo the reserves, she said. Sarah plans to complete basic training regardless of whether she ends up at West Point or another university.

Sarah's parents consented to allow their 17-year-old daughter to enlist - a tough decision to make just months after losing their oldest child in Iraq..." (REad the Whole Story)

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