Friday, January 20, 2006

I Hate Nature!!!

Yesterday, as I was discussing the finer points of putting a purse behind your back in a vehicle so your feet can reach the pedals on the phone with Free0352, I noticed big snowflakes falling quickly in the back yard.

"Boys! Come see, it started snowing and the flakes are huge!"

Then I looked out the door on the other side of the kitchen. No snowflakes. I look again over at the back window where something is definitely raining down on my backyard and look up...

"NO! Oh, no no no no NO!"
Free must have thought I was losing my mind...or that one of my kids got run over...

"Oh shit. I HATE nature!"
"It's a, it's a hawk and it's tearing apart a nest of birds. It's not snowflakes falling...IT'S BLOODY FEATHERS! Ewwwww! Wait, I gotta get my camera!"

Free is laughing so hard I am sure he must have peed his pants.

"I was calling my kids to come see a massacre!"

Low and behold it was a giant hawk tearing into a nest (don’t ask why there was a nest in January – I have no clue) and callously dropping feathers and body parts all over my kid's swing-set.

You have to understand. This is Philly. It's an urban area. We don't have scenes from the Discovery Channel in our backyards here...

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