Monday, January 30, 2006

GWOT: Do We Need Non-Citizen Soldiers?

In June of 1950, Public Law 597 (or the "Lodge Act") was passed. This allowed 2,500 non-U.S. citizens to be enlisted in the Armed Forces. It was a tool in the Cold War to utilize those with language and cultural skills that would be invaluable in the struggle with Russia. The Law promised citizenship to those who gave five years service.

There are those who are now calling for a "New Lodge Act" and are discussing the benefits of being able to recruit from the Middle East as an aid in the Global War on Terror.

I can see how there would be advantages in having more soldiers that are fluid in both the Arab language and culture...but at what cost? Wouldn't this be an easy in for military infiltration? Then again, we already have non-citizen soldiers fighting in Iraq...

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