Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Guest Post - by Flying Spacemonkey

Wouldn't it be cool if there was a service that would bring some cheese just when you needed it most.In a flash? With just a call?

YEAH, you know it would! And You could call it CheeZOOM! Get it? Because they deliver CHEESE in a hurry, like a ZOOM. I'm sure you get it.

Making a pizza, but low on mozzarella? CheeZOOM! fires some into your yard using some sort of shredded cheese mortar. The pizza is saved.

Grilled cheese not cheesy enough? CheeZOOM!, bring on the American by way of a drive by slicing! The yellow ones, not the white ones. No really, they make them , I accidentally bought some once.

Fancy dinner party lacking something in the hors d'orvre department? CheeZOOM, a Gouda tipped warhead should yield chunks for everyone! CheeeeeZOOOM! WOW! Thanks!

Want to a prank on a friend, but have only small quantities of stinky cheese? CheeZOOM deliver two hundred pounds of Limburger to Frank's boss! Card should say "This reminded me of you, Frank" Hah, thanks CheeZOOM, you got Frank fired. Good one, CheeZOOM.

Severely constipated? CheeZOOM, what's with you and what made you think I needed nacho cheese in my cold cereal? Why'd you replace my salt and sugar with grated Parmesan? You're getting me all blocked and stuff, MAN! get over your old CheeZOOM!ie self.

OK, maybe over-the-top fast cheese delivery might get out of hand.

It might, that is unless you also used the services of LaxiTaxi! the taxi with colon irrigation built right into the seats.

I am honored to have Spacemonkey guest post at the House of Sage. He runs his own site (Flying Space Monkey), and he is a regular contributor at the acclaimed IMAO. When you need an escape from the vitriol of the blogosphere, either of these sites is the perfect place to go! Thanks SM!

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