Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Do You Smack Your Kids?

Both Britain and the U.S. have had the "smacking debate" for a few years now. In Britain they have gone as far as to say if you leave a mark on your child, you can go to prison for as many as five years. (That being said, I get a bruise from walking into an empty cardboard box...)

Now, Prime Minister Tony Blair has told the Beeb that he "smacked" his older children when they were young. Is that a big deal? News worthy?

You have to wonder why the child crime rates have gone up as the education has urged a no-smacking policy for parents. Of course the huge divide between smacking and beating needs to be noted.

Personally I find nothing wrong with a parent that has a defiant child and needs to give them a whap here and there to get through to them...and the thought that they would be incarcerated for disciplining their own child is ludicrous to me. The Man and I don't smack our kids (unless of course they were little and going to touch a hot cup or stove), but it's not because we would judge others that do... truthfully, it's never really been warranted. BUT, the first time (and the last) that either of them was maliciously defiant... I have seen kids hit, kick, bite and spit on their parents and seen those same parents urging the child to "use their words".... Ugh!

I am thankfully that I haven't really been put in this position. As you may know from many of my posts, I don't have much patience for undisciplined horrible kids. Reason #453 that teaching is off the career choice table...

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