Thursday, January 26, 2006

Disney: Third Day Observations

Itinerary: MGM Studios

1) Once the realization finally sinks in that you survived your flight, you have to start worrying about your flight home.

2) Skip this park.

3) If you trick your 5 year old into going onto Space Mountain, he won't believe you that the Star Wars ride is just virtual reality and not really taking you to space.

4) We are still the only Americans here.

5) Tower of Terror rules.

6) If you want to go on Rock 'N Roller Coaster (Disney's first that turns you upside down) don't go to the park with three boys that hate roller coasters.

7) O'Hana restaurant in the Polynesian is the place for dinner if you want to spend $200 and immediately enter food-a-coma.

8) If you trick your 5 year old to get him to go on Space Mountain, be prepared for him to lose all trust in you and even throw a fit when you try to use the monorail as transportation.

P.S. Courtney: Considering The Man is a misanthrope of titanic proportions who doesn't really like people at all --he is hanging in pretty good. Though I pity the next fool that tells him to have a "magical day".

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