Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Disney: Second Day Observations

Itinerary: Magic Kingdom

1) If you get four to-go cereals and split a banana four ways -you can eat breakfast for under $12.
2) Either Florida smells strangely like Poop...or there's lot of people with gas and/or in Depends here...
3) It probably not a good idea to tell your 5 year old that Space Mountain is just the shuttle to Space Mountain...
4) There is a reason why the Swiss Family Robinson has no line at the end of the day. As Mason so eloquently put it, "We just climbed up all those steps just to see someone's abandoned crap".
5) No one booed in the "Hall of Presidents" when they showcased Dubya. And people look at you weird when you cheer for Reagan.
6) After the 185th gift shop where you tell your kids they can't have a $75 super ball, you can cheer them up by inventing an elaborate story of how Mickey hired a hit man to take out Walt Disney and have them decide who it was and what method they used.
7) As we had both kids, repeating Ghost's Haunted House experience may have been inappropriate... ;)

P.S. Sam, if you're reading this...and recall the giant argument we had in Paris about the COLOR of the castle --I WAS RIGHT and you were WRONG! :) (I will be sending you the photographic proof)

OMG! I almost forgot...
We tried to eat lunch in the castle yesterday --not for any particular reason than we were hungry. The hostess looked at us like we were insane and proclaimed, "These people walking in have made reservations at least 180 days in advance.

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