Saturday, January 28, 2006

Disney: Fifth Day Observations

Itinerary: Animal Kingdom & EPCOT (again)

1) There are a lot of mismatched couples down here... Do you know what I mean by that?

2) There is also a VERY disturbing trend of couples wearing matching clothing --and not just "bride & groom" shirts either...

3) I have never been forced to use so many public bathrooms in my life (thankfully Disney has it hooked up with toilet seat covers in EVERY bathroom --playing catcher in yesteryears has made the whole "squatting" thing very hard...was that TMI? LOL)

4) We have been noticing annoyed and dirty looks from the childless couples at other people's kids --I totally get being annoyed by other people's kids, but why the hell would you be in DISNEY WORLD?!

5) My heart goes out to parents of disabled kids -and especially parents of emotionally disturbed (sorry, too tired to remember the new PC term for that) kids. We have seen one boy in our hotel (maybe 6 yrs.) that just screams how much he hates his parents... incessantly and with profanity. I was having an Andrea Yates moment being around him for five minutes...his parents must be saints.

6) Mission: Space was very cool. The Safari was OK.

7) Being away makes you appreciate your own bed...I can't wait to see it again.

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