Friday, January 20, 2006

American Troops Rescued a "Human Shield"....

That's a pretty big story, don't ya think?! Have you seen it on the news, because I certainly haven't!? If it weren't for the Freepers I wouldn't know half the things that are going on in the world!

The entire story can be found HERE at a blog called "Sweetness & Light".

Here's the thing -the story is being reported, but they are calling the "human Shield" in question a "freelance journalist":

"Phil Sands, 28, a freelance journalist, was held by gunmen who ambushed his car in Baghdad. He said the worst aspect of his ordeal was imagining the anguish of his family. But his parents were holidaying in Morocco and knew nothing of his sufferings until he called them after he was released during a chance raid by US forces on a farm outside Baghdad."

Fortunately, an astute Blogger connected this "journalist's" name to previous articles published about the "Human Shield" movement.

"In the past week we have had limited contact with the shields in Baghdad, as communications lines are essentially out. We have had reports from exiting shields and others, and no reports of injuries among shields. Uzma said last week that there were no longer any human shields at the Al Mamuun (Mimoun) Communications centre, which was targeted and possibly destroyed 28 March.

Phil Sands was among a number of shields expelled from Iraq on 28 March, as he was deemed a "security risk". His diary of his last week in Iraq was published in the Independent on 30 March." (source)

He tells of his ordeal here.

I can't find what division of the Army rescued Sands...and I can't understand the blackout in the American press.


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