Thursday, January 19, 2006

ACLU Roundup...

I just realized that I haven't ragged on the ACLU in a while (I also haven't gotten any hate mail in almost three months --is there a correlation?!)...
Let's take a look around and see what out left-leaning, litigious friends have been up to while my head was turned:

To be sorta fair and kinda balanced I will start with one of the few issues in which I agree the ACLU:

The Supreme Court upheld Oregon's "Right to Die" law. I know some feel like this view in opposition to my conservative label, but I believe that everyone should be able to die with dignity --and if they are going to die anyway (this only applies to terminally ill patients) why not alleviate the pain and suffering...?

Joining the long list of progressives that used MLK's holiday to further their own agendas instead of actually reflecting and honoring the man...the ACLU ran a full page ad in the Washington Post comparing MLK to terror suspects in the hope of twisting Bush's NSA wiretapping. I guess the ACLU forgets that John Kennedy, beloved liberal president of the left, was indeed wire-tapping and surveilling Dr. King.

AND, the ACLU has brought two law suits concerning the NSA wire tapping. I'd love to see what they have to hide! Among the other plaintiffs suing with the ACLU -CAIR and Greenpeace. Enough said. The only thing more revealing than knowing what "insurgents" the ACLU is talking to -is to see who the Council on American-Islamic Relations has on their phone records.

Jay's Stop the ACLU has been added as the first intervening party in this lawsuit. Pretty cool!

"Stop the ACLU et al vs. . ." (source)

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