Tuesday, December 27, 2005

What Will They Think of Next?

The Man and I know we're old because we love having this conversation. What could "kids these days" possibly do that Gen X didn't do? Piercings, tattoos, Mohawks, fake blood, split tongues, spacers and evil contacts...what else is there?

I thought maybe they would come up with a pill that would change your skin color for a few days -- blue today, green next week --which would help obliterate racial considerations.

What they did was make a feline anesthesia a rave drug (Special K) and now they have embraced the experience of near-death asphyxiation.

Stepford Elementary sent letters home over "Winter Break" that details this new craze. "The Choking Game" or the "Seven Second Pass Out Game" (popular with kids ages 10 - 16) provides a lack of oxygen that gives a brief euphoric state.

Parents can learn more at Stop the Choking Game.com.
Some signs to look for in your kids:
-Severe headaches
-Marks on the Neck
-Bloodshot/Red eyes
-Raspy breath

Some online search words that should raise red flags:
-Space Monkey
-Space Cowboy
-Rising Sun

Unlike most of the Gen X fads that we participated in...this one can (and has been) be fatal... It's no surprise to me that the long list of fatalities looks t be mostly boys, but there are a few girls. I know this activity has been around in some form or another for decades (I read once that it was first brought to attention when criminals that were hung would die with an erection), but it has gained popularity in teens.

I hate to see what will be in vogue by the time my guys are old enough to engage...

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