Monday, December 19, 2005

Webcams - I've Always Said They Were Shady...

...and this story just solidifies my opinion. I love technology --I couldn't live without my computer, but there are downfalls. The software that can transform an 18 year old girl to look like and 8 year old, so pedophiles can enjoy "legal" kiddy-porn, NAMBLA, felons and sex offenders setting up on dating pages and chat rooms (getting the internet for free while out troops have to pay for it by the hour in some places). These are some of the detrimental things, but I think the webcam is another.

Yeah, yeah...some people will say they use it to show their kids to their parents that live across the country. Maybe they do, but what do you think the majority of webcams are used for?

"Minors, often under the online tutelage of adults, are opening for-pay pornography sites featuring their own images sent onto the Internet by inexpensive Webcams. And they perform from the privacy of home, while parents are nearby, beyond their children's closed bedroom doors.

The business has created youthful Internet pornography stars - with nicknames like Riotboyy, Miss Honey and Gigglez - whose images are traded online long after their sites have vanished. In this world, adolescents announce schedules of their next masturbation for customers who pay fees for the performance or monthly subscription charges. Eager customers can even buy "private shows," in which teenagers sexually perform while following real-time instructions." (source)

Not just child porn though. I say be wary if your spouse has a webcam and, of course, if they play on a bar softball league... Like Chris Rock says..."Men are as faithful as their options". ...Just my two cents.

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