Friday, December 02, 2005

We All Have AIDS...?

According to a new campaign for AIDS awareness month...We all have AIDS if one of us does.

Here's the thing, just because something is for a good cause doesn't mean it isn't a bad campaign. No, I don't have AIDS and I won't get it because I am in a monogamous relationship (and if I do The Man can change his last name to Bobbitt...)

I am all for HIV/AIDS awareness. I hope the charity raises tons of money for further research and to fund the cocktails that keep viral loads at bay for all those that can't afford them...but when is all this money that has already been poured into awareness going to kick in? Why did an acquaintance say to me not that long ago, "I won't get AIDS, I only sleep with girls that are clean." Like Irish Spring keeps the virus away.

It's time to change the approach. I don't know how, but whatever has been done clearly isn't working. Maybe kids should be compelled to read Liberace's book and see what a terrible, painful, undignified death his was. Maybe there should be mandatory senior-service projects that entail caring for AIDS patients... Maybe it's just me, but I don't think a "We all have AIDS" t-shirt is going to change the tide or slow the spread.

As an afterthought to that...It's WRONG WRONG WRONG that if a man in the hospital is HIV+ or has AIDS the nurses and doctors are not allowed to tell his wife if he won't (based on a true story). I realize the privacy laws were put in place to stop discrimination and keep people from being dumped from their insurance --but this is privacy gone wild...

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