Friday, December 09, 2005

"Voices From Inside the Storm" Hearing

Hearings were held on Capitol Hill Tuesday concerning the government response to Hurricane Katrina. I don't know how many people had the chance to see some of this spectacle (or hear the audio), but whoa!, this was a disaster with insane accusations flying all over the place.

One of the worst offenders by far was Leah Hodges (news articles are calling her a "community activist", but Laura Ingraham's producer dug up arrest records for a Leah Hodges -member of the Black Panthers). She has dubbed the intersection of I10 and the Causeway, "The Causeway Concentration Camp". What an absolute insult to Holocaust victims and WWII POWs. She also claimed that the U.S. Military "tortured" victims of the storm... "She and other witnesses told lawmakers that "race had everything to do" with the poor response to the hurricane." "Ishmael Muhammad, a lawyer with the Washington-based Advancement Project, said National Guard troops and police shot and arrested black youths for little or no reason. He also said ambulances and helicopters rushed past black Katrina victims to rescue white victims."(source)

There were also claims that National Guard members were pointing guns at children and terrorizing them (just for the hell of it). There is no way I believe that. I believe they may have gestured with their guns when insubordinate people refused to move where they were told to go.

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I have much more sympathy for the policeman and soldiers that had to deal with this mess than the actual victims at this point...they didn't choose to live in a city that was under sea level. They didn't choose to live somewhere that floods of this magnitude have been predicted forever. Have you ever worked in customer service? Can you imagine how indignant these people were (rightfully or wrongfully so -but the flood wasn't the NG's fault). You know in these soldier's heads they were wishing they could say, "Look lady, stop wagging your head at me -I could be home in my bed in dry, warm Pennsylvania, but I'm down here traipsing through this cesspool to help you and you're giving me nothing but shit."

An even less popular opinion -and something no one wants to talk about is -how are you going to complain about deficient responses for services that you don't even pay for? Last time I checked this still wasn't a socialist country. We have to pay taxes for police, fire and military services. If 70% (+) of New Orlinians were on welfare...they weren't paying taxes --therefore they weren't paying for the services that rescued them. Therefore they need to shut up and be grateful that anyone was willing to wade into that toxic stench to save them from a fate/precarious location they willingly choose. Harsh? Maybe. True? I think so.

I am SO sick of the disgusting sense of entitlement in this country. NO ONE owes you anything. Deal with it and live somewhere that doesn't have forest fires, mud slides, hurricanes, or tornadoes...and if you choose to live there don't complain when your worldly goods get ruined. And get a job and pay your taxes so our first responders aren't under-funded and under-trained.

...Needless to say, these "hearings" really pissed me off.

A montage of our evil soldiers "torturing" Katrina victims...

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